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Mr. Isaac Amadi is a young Nigerian – Canadian who hails from Ubima, Port Harcourt, in the Rivers State of Nigeria, and is the third son and the fifth child out of six survived children of Mr and Mrs E. N. Amadi (Sr, Eng. Rtd).

Mr. Amadi is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in human justice at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, with major concentration on both the Criminal justice system and the Restorative justice system. He made mention of finishing in the nearest year ahead.

Although, his passion for writing grew from the inside and far before he fell in love with knowing the law. According to Mr. Amadi – “I had enough tools to begin working on a book as early as in 2008.” He also mentioned that everything around him was a solid discouragement for him to write a book, as there were hardship in the family and the only thing worth reasoning and worth discussing with the family was going to school and acquiring education which is believed to get one a great job for a career and settlement of life.

In one of his phone interviews with Tellwell Publishing (, where Mr. Amadi said, all through his high (secondary) school days and years, no day went by that he did not write something down. He said it started as a way of doing things, even with many other activities, and in no time became a living part of him and his life. Mr. Amadi also responded to Tellwell by saying “charity begins at home” and he never had any plans beforehand to break into his talent in an early age. He went ahead to say ‘his early days of writing things down was mostly any word or saying that had a meaning to him, or made him think.’ He said even words he could not understand, he would always have a way to write them down and take it home to his ‘Oxford Advanced Dictionary.’ Mr. Amadi said until this day, “I still have my vocab book” which is what him and his group of friends from high (secondary) school called their notebooks full of vocabulary and its meanings. 

His biggest appreciation and gratitude had always been to his own parents who he said were the best thing to have ever happen to him in life. He said beauty was the moment his parents came together and agreed to become one and until this day is one. Therefore, he took a moment to specially thank his parents and siblings for remaining family.

Gathering information and my holding back on writing more pamphlets and many more wedding toasts was the beginning of “A New Age of Character” said Mr. Amadi, it was like a taste he needed to quench and a hungry belly that needed to be fed. He said the more he tries to shy away from writing all the time and being noticed by people was the more reason he had to finish a book. 

On a final note, Mr. Amadi described his writing skills as ‘undecided,’ he said; “I could be woken up from the deepest slumber and still write non-fiction.” Writing is always going to my hobby he said. How I start is never planned and maybe this is why I sometimes have a hard time knowing where to stop or put an end to a topic. Everything I write said Mr. Amadi is an engineered inspiration of my own brain – from many researches, from reading other books, from movies, news and newspapers and magazines, from the life experience of those I knew and know and that of my own life experience growing up as a man.

“My writing skills play out differently and tend to blow my own mind as the writer, especially when I have to be surprised for the same writing I go back to edit after a moment of inspirational let out.”

N/B: No matter what you do in life, be sure to identify and understand who you are from everyone else, we are all unique in our own ways, according to chapter 8 of “A New Age of Character” ‘even the “identical twins” have different thumb prints. the moment you finally can understand who you are, what you love doing and is good at doing it with happiness and ease is the moment you will understand your natural strength to create and re-create. this is talent not skill. That is potential and that is the major key to our giving back to life and nature. (The things we do for no immediate reward).


The Author survived from a family of 6. 


Kennedy U. Amadi (Nigerian – Malaysian)

Bright N Amadi

Beauty C. Ordu (Amadi)

Blessing N. Lasbery Okpo (Amadi)

Isaac Amadi  (THE AUTHOR)

Onyekachi E. JNR Amadi.

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