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“A New Age of Character: A Powerful and Inspirational Look at Modern Life and Love”

was written and composed by author Isaac Amadi to capture the attention of the growing

generation, which centers on teenagers, youth, and young adults. In “A New Age of Character,”

you will experience a self–reality check and develop a deeper sense of the nature of love and

character to its togetherness. This book is also a practical example to draw our attention to

the new age of character which, according to Mr. Amadi, refers to the period of time when

there has to be a prevailing sense of the interconnectedness of all mankind, of a common fact

to the living love we proclaim and is generally understood in one language, a language that

speaks to us all in one meaning.

Mr. Amadi believes that writing is a craft that requires skill and experience, as well as raw

passion. His passion to communicate to the outside world is to bring closer the attention of

character itself as regards to love and life to every one of us.

Character and Love on its own is such a broad topic but so important to everyone and

everything in all parts of the world and all walks of life. In this life-inspiring book, you

will know the following key points from a common perspective:

  • the challenge to create a new age of character
  • what you don’t know will hurt you
  • love as a natural phenomenon
  • forgetting oneself (humility)
  • understanding the thing that motivates you
  • when love is denied
  • the courage to do what is right and
  • achieving happiness, Etc.
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