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Mr. Isaac Amadi is a young Nigerian – Canadian, who is begotten by Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Amadi (Sr).

Mr. Amadi is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in human justice at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, majoring on both the criminal and the restorative justice system. Mr. Amadi had also recently worked with law enforcement officials for his love of knowing the law and has a reputation of being a bit of a go getter, though Mr. Amadi’s passion for writing grew far before he fell in love with knowing the law.

According to background checks, questioning and gathered information from reliable sources, Mr. Amadi is quite the collector of information. He said his reason for gathering information is because there is always a message in every information. Mr. Amadi believes that writing is a craft and the one true way he could communicate better to the majority. He uses a number of ideas and information to interpret his writing the way it is understood in one readable language. He puts a high value on relationships in his personal life and always has had a deeper and different perspective on what relationships really are, especially when it comes to his own family, whom he strongly makes his number one priority.

In the course of expressing his passion for writing, he has grown to be a realist who upholds the idea of character building and who enjoys the creative challenge of writing and the attention to every detail required to do it successfully. Most of what influenced him to write this book came from reading many other books, researching, movies, news broadcast, newspapers, music, combined with the life experiences of those around him, those he knew and that of his own life experience growing up as a man; he grew upset at the number of people who seem to be affected by the wrong information on character building, especially when it relates to the topic of love itself and its psychology of everyday life. In a nutshell, Mr. Amadi believes that, as human beings, we should be more concerned about the word character than the word reputation.

According to Mr. Amadi, character explains who we all are. ‘Character is what or who we truly are without any outside influence, but reputation,’ he said, ‘is merely others’ perceptions of us.’

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