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Note: Character and Love are the only two main psychological bodies of life that begets, yields and powers Happiness!

“Character! Love! What are we without it? – The love that is prerequisite to happiness – and to a large extent everything we desire and long for in our life. You must build your own character and love yourself first before you can manifest a character worthy of emulation and or love anyone or anything.

Everything we do, yearn and earn for eventually leads to happiness. A person works a full-time job to make money which will make him happy or brings in happy moments; we want a partner at and on our side, that makes us happy or because that will make us happy and in turn activates a smile on someone else’s behalf and so on. Hence, it is safe to say that happiness matters a lot. Let’s say that happiness or lack of it is broken down into two categories: mental and physical aspects.

The way we feel about circumstances is mental, whereas physical is what role is playing on us as tangible beings. Both aspects are equally important and they support each other. A healthy mind promotes a healthy body and vice versa. The truth is that, we do not usually realize our satisfaction when we are content, but our mind does. For instance; if you are ever feeling particularly joyous, try to focus on how you feel physically. You will realize that you feel comfortable and happy physically too. Thus, to keep a body healthy, we need happiness and peace of mind. If you want to achieve happiness, focus on achieving mind peace”

N/B: …Character explains who we all are. It is what or who we truly are without any outside influence, but reputation is merely others’ perceptions of us…. “Isaac Amadi”

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